Humphrey Bande's Bio

Humphrey Bande is a Cape Town based professional photographer and self-taught video producer/filmmaker doing short films, documentaries, commercials, music videos & wedding videos

In 2010, driven by passion to produce videos and films, he bought a Canon 7D DSLR camera and set out to be a professional video producer and an independent filmmaker by learning everything he could online using free online tutorials and Youtube videos. He went as far as building his own film rigs including a professional grade doorway dolly, hand-held rig, microphone boom pole and a mini-jib crane.

In 2012 he founded Humshkin Films (PTY) LTD, his video production company. In 2012 he also directed and filmed his first music video for Mic Chen, an aspiring Chinese musician who sings in Mandarin.

In early 2013 he began filming his short film The Cost in which he also starred.

In 2013 he also co-produced a short film with TV star Errol Schwartz of Nascent Films and starring TV & film stars Sean Michael Cameron (Safe House, Death Race, 24:The Film),  Sandra Jorge, Mehboob Bawa and Odelle de Wet (who played Farrow in Isidingo, an award winning South African soap).


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