Monday, January 13, 2014

Magic Bullet – iPhone Short Film

This is one exciting short film I co-produced for Errol Schwartz a mate of mine last year. Shooting a short film with an iPhone 5 using the Phocus SLR adaptor rig to mount Carl Zeiss primes on it.

The main reason why we chose the iPhone is that Errol wanted to give the film a unique angle to create awareness for the short as he tried to turn it into a full feature.

Here’s an in-depth “Making Of'” featurette I produced for the film that tells all about what this is all about and how we shot the film.

A massive thanks to Flash Photo in Cape Town who rented us lenses, the camera rig and lighting equipment for a massively low rate. If you’re looking to rent high tech equipment, honestly, look no further than Flash.

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