Saturday, March 10, 2012

On Set: Feature Film Production

Today was my first day on set as the DOP (director or photography) and cameraman for a teaser/ trailer being produced by Nascent Films.

I was so stoked when Errol Schwartz (owner of Nascent Films) called me to help him make this project and
Errol Schawrtz 1
today was incredible being on set for our first shoot!

First it’s the idea of working on a potential commercial feature film! Then working with the talented and passionate Errol today was just out of this world!
Then the was the gear!
- Redrock shoulder rig
- Canon 24–70mm F2.8 L lens
- 2x 300w + 1x 600w ARRI lighting Kit
- Canon 7D HDSLR camera

The cure 1
the cure 4
the cure
the cure 5
the cure 7
The Redrock shoulder rig with matte box…heavy rig! Hence me liquifying.
the cure 6
With Sakhile Masoka, Errol, me, Mario Brown
Day 2 tomorrow and the call card reads: 4:30AM to 7PM!

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  1. This is fantastci news! We are ready and able to support the production anyway we can. I look forward to a successful project.


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